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Safekeeping : A Novel download ebook

Safekeeping : A Novel download ebook

Jessamyn Hope,: Safekeeping : A Novel

Safekeeping : A Novel


A dazzling debut novel about love, loss, and the courage it takes to start over. It's 1994 and Adam, a drug addict from New York City, arrives at a kibbutz in Israel with a medieval sapphire brooch. To redress a past crime, he must give the priceless heirloom to a woman his grandfather loved when he was a Holocaust refugee on the kibbutz fifty years earlier. But first, he has to track this mystery woman down--a task that proves more complicated than expected. On the kibbutz Adam joins other lost souls: Ulya, the ambitious and beautiful Soviet emigree; Farid, the lovelorn Palestinian farmhand; Claudette, the French Canadian Catholic with OCD; Ofir, the Israeli teenager wounded in a bus bombing; and Ziva, the old Socialist Zionist firebrand who founded the kibbutz. Driven together by love, hostility, hope, and fear, their fates become forever entangled as they each get one last shot at redemption. In the middle of that fateful summer glows the magnificent brooch with its perilous history spanning three continents and seven centuries. With insight and beauty, Safekeeping tackles that most human of questions: How can we expect to find meaning and happiness when we know that nothing lasts?

Written by one of the deepest and most versatile thinkers of our time, it militates for a world where reason is no longer an enemy of faith. Pettrey is the Winner of the 2014 Daphne du Maurier Award for Inspirational Romantic Suspense" The FIRST OFFICIAL gamers' guide from the team behind CANDY CRUSH SAGA. The seven centuries of the Anglo-Saxon period in England, roughly AD 4001100, were a time of extraordinary and profound transformation in almost every aspect of its culture, culminating in a dramatic shift from a barbarian society to a recognizably medieval civilization. This book traces the changing nature of that art, the different roles it played in Anglo-Saxon culture, and the various ways it both reflected and influenced the changing context in which it was created. From its first manifestations in the metalwork and ceramics of the early settlers, Anglo-Saxon art displays certain inbuilt and highly distinctive stylistic and iconographic features. Despite the many new influences Safekeeping : A Novel download ebook pdf which were regularly absorbed and adapted by Anglo-Saxon artists and craftsmen, these characteristics continued to resonate through the centuries in the great manuscripts, ivories, metalwork and sculpture of this inventive and creative culture. This book highlights the character, leitmotifs and underlying continuities of Anglo-Saxon art, whilst also placing it firmly in its wider cultural and political context.

Author: Jessamyn Hope,
Number of Pages: 371 pages
Published Date: 25 Jun 2015
Publisher: Fig Tree Books
Publication Country: Bedford, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781941493069
Download Link: Click Here


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